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Yavapai Trails Association is supported not only by direct donations, but by forming strong partnerships with other organizations throughout the community.  By coming together to work tirelessly to build and maintain the non-motorized trails systems, YTA collaborates with trail user groups (activity based) to become a powerful force. Often times, Grant Writing and Administration requires collaborative efforts with our partners.  

Partial funding provided by the Arizona Community Foundation

Yavapai Trails Association has been awarded the grants below



$10,450   Chino Valley Rail-to-Trail (Peavine) Grant Award

Yavapai Trails Association has recently been awarded a generous $10,450.00 Grant from the Arizona Community Foundation to continue trail improvements on the 5.3 mile rail-to-trail segment in the Town of Chino Valley. For the past few years YTA has taken a leadership role in improving this unique trail segment. The grant will allow for the purchase of an informational kiosk, dog waste stations, trail signs at road crossings, trail signs at parking lots (other than the kiosk), trail bed material, another bench, trail tools for the local trail volunteer maintainers, and equestrian friendly gate latches. These trail improvements are intended as a step closer to connecting the Peavine segments into one contiguous gem of a trail. We at YTA continue to advocate and strive for that to happen in the near future. Our communities and partners in Yavapai County are uniting to work toward this common goal. We are thankful for ACF’s generosity in providing the financial means to realize this gem of a trail. YTA is a 501C3 non-profit organization, dedicated to support, advocate, and provide leadership for all non-motorized trails in Yavapai County.

If you are interested in becoming a member of YTA, please visit our volunteer page.



$5,000    Peavine Trail Upgrade in Chino Valley

The funds will be used to help purchase items for sustainability, information, access, direction, emergency response, and outdoor health and enjoyment. Manpower and machines will be donated.


$10,000    Peavine Trail, Prescott to Chino Valley

The funds will be used to help purchase the lease across one mile plus of AZ state trust land. This easement is key for building this trail between Chino Valley and Prescott. The privater landowner will provide the other trail segment and fencing. Manpower and machines will be donated.



$2,200    Sun Corridor Trail-Segment 5 Phase I

The funds from ACF/Sedona will be used to purchase materials for a trail connecting Prescott to the Verde Valley (Cottonwood) and Sedona. The Sun Corridor Trail will connect the major metropolitan areas in AZ for those wishing to visit the state, and visit the unique communities, via a trail system. 


$3,500    Prescott Circle Trail Signage

The funds will be used to purchase materials to help mark additional and current locations along the PCT so all responders will better understand where the location is hen they get the call, so they may define their route of access and find individuals in a timely manner.



$5,403    Butte Creek Trail Project

The first one thousand of funds will be to purchase tools for local residents and Prescott College student volunteers, for construction and maintenance. The remaining four thousand will be for materials for pathway leveling and improvements, bridge-ways, and to help prevent erosion and off trail use in this watershed area.



$5,000    Greenways Project Phase III

Work was done on the Greenways Trail near the Rodeo Grounds and Miller Creek. 

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