Prescott Circle Trail History & Challenge

This year, we encouraged our community members to “get outside” and enjoy our beautiful resources by participating in the “Circle Trail Challenge,” an individual challenge of exploring all 54 miles of our unique Circle Trail.

The Prescott Circle Trail is a 54-mile non-motorized trail that gives hikers, backpackers, horse riders, and mountain bikers a route through Prescott National Forest, City of Prescott, Yavapai County, and state lands. You will get views of Watson Lake, Willow Lake, and Goldwater Lake, cut through Granite Dells, and take in Granite Mountain and Thumb Butte.

Click to view map of the full route with segments.

Back in 1990, the Yavapai Trails Association initiated the idea of a non-motorized trail that would “circle” the city of Prescott. With many partners and volunteers, by late 2014, the 54 mile Prescott Circle Trail (PCT) was completed for the enjoyment of hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers.

The topography of the trail ranges from 5140 to 6990 feet in elevation, and it passes many Prescott landmarks including Watson, Willow, and Goldwater Lakes; Thumb Butte, the mountain that towers over town, and Pioneer Park on the north side of town. There are three campsites along the trail, for those who are interested in camping along the way. The PCT is a beautiful trail that meanders through forest, chaparral, and grasslands.

Recently, Yavapai Trails Association has partnered with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s to offer the community the “Circle Trail Challenge”. It is our hope this challenge encourages people of all ages to get outside and spend time on our marquis trail. Get out your hiking poles, saddle your horse, put on a helmet and hit the trail!

The trail has been divided into 11 segments to be completed in a day, weeks, months or even years; simply keep track of the sections you complete. The trail is for you, whatever way you chose to complete it, or when. Finish all the sections of the Challenge, complete the Challenge Completion and Additional Information . You will receive a certificate of completion, a Circle Trail Patch or a Circle Trail bumper sticker (sponsored by Russ Lyon Sotheby’s). Your name will be added to the permanent PCT Challenge list of completers.

YTA invites you to achieve the physical accomplishment of completing the entire Prescott Circle Trail any way you can! Visit for more information about the Circle Trail.

Have fun! Be safe.
Follow the trail etiquette rules. We hope to see you on the trail soon! Any questions may be directed to

Here is the list (name and age) of those who completed the 2019 Circle Trail Challenge so far:


Michelle Regn
Michelle Whitman | 53
Susy Whann | 74
Ann Hendrickson
Ted Becker | 72
Marcia Bennett | 57
Nelson Zarate | 70
Janet Kusy | 71
Bill Otto
Michael Lewis | 35

Beverly Biggs
Jim Hays | 79
Leah Gilbert | 75
Wayne Coates | 71
Brian Besser | 66
Diane Kennedy
Dianne Echazabal | 63
Sally Jernigan | 62
Mark Neuman | 48
Dustin Rodgers | 33

Gary Fenker
James Darragh
Ed Kozak
Judi Ross
Marla Darragh
Bob Knowlton
Judy Knowlton
Peg Waura
Andrew Fiore | 42
Tom Winiecki | 68

Ross Vanstone | 39
Sean Underhill | 37
Don Bell |79
Sue Holle | 65
Ken Paris | 72
James M. Smith |77
Linda Goodman |62
Andrea Klein |57
Adriana Zele | 51

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